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Create FeatureLine from Survey Figure.

Create FeatureLine from Survey Figure.

We need a fast way to do this, where we can select several FL and then create new Survey Figures from them.


Right now, the "Create FeatureLine  from objects " doesn´t accept the Survey Figure entity whereas the "CreateGrading" obejct, creates a new FeatureLine from a Survey Figure...


However, in an old post, I said that Survey Figures and Feature Lines should be derived from a parent class. An example is the Point category which has COGO points and Survey Points and the point style and label point style are shared.


Moreover, when we create a Parcel Segment from a FL (or corridor FL), the Parcel Segment is not dynamic from the FL.



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Yes please!  I lose hours and accuracy trying to recreate the geometry created when the survey data is processed.  Just make them selectable in "make feature lines form objects"

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