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create a sample line group for corridor indepent of the frequency.

create a sample line group for corridor indepent of the frequency.

I would like some command to create a sample line group from the corridor selecting a BaseLine independent of the frequency and Additional stations stablished in the Corridor.


So, it should be a new form to assign the frequency in lines, arcs and spirals, critical points superelevations,etc..


If some station doesn´t below to the assembly corridor, then it is automatically added to the corridor as an additional station.


It would be nice separate the accurancy for the detail and 3D layout of the corridor and the frequency we want to get the sample lines.





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Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.


The basic issue about "sample lines from corridor" option is you will get a lot of sample lines if you have a big detail (low frequency).


I want (low frequency) to show the corridor surface in 3D with a lot of accurancy but I don´t get a lot of sample lines to create section views...


In my opinion, the "sample lines from corridor", should ommit the frecuency of each region and you were able to type a general frecuency for "line,arcs and spiral) for the entire BaseLine...



I would cut my samples lines based on stations and other critical stations. I wouldn't use from the corridor. When we make a section it really doesn't matter if the sample line is at a corridor station.


That said, I'm doing a bulk cleanup of the Ideas starting with the oldest ideas that have gained little to no support in over a year. Just because the idea is archived doesn't imply that it doesn't have merit or won't be implemented as part of another effort.




Peter Funk

Autodesk, Inc.


sorry, but you are wrong about this sentence:

"When we make a section it really doesn't matter if the sample line is at a corridor station".


If a SampleLine Station doesn´t match with a corridor station, the corridor surface section and surface section are interpolated, so you will get a strange section in the section view of that station...


In my honest opinion, in the "Sample Line tools", when we select "From corridor stations", it should allow us if we enable/disable the frequency station´s Region, to ignore them to create the sample lines. (only critical point stations about superelevation,alignment,profile, offsets and elevation targets,  AND a general frequency for lines, arcs and spirals in the alignment.






Does anyone know how to lessen the precision the program recognizes? We tend to key in stations b/c we've been burner numerous times for picking (with the mouse in model space) a station rather then keying it in.  Reason being the "picked" point is accounted for out to .00000001 for accuracy.  When our data & all annotation round to .01.  This will result in a bad cross section every time!!  I want to know how to make the "picked" point only recognize .01.  Please advise.

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