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Corridors to respect layer settings (plot, freeze etc.)

Corridors to respect layer settings (plot, freeze etc.)

How do I set a corridor link or shape to plot in some viewports and not others?

Or what if I want to see the link in the drawing so I can see what the corridor is doing, but I don't want it to plot?

This is exactly what viewports, layers and the vpfreeze setting are for.


Please update the settings for corridor links and shapes so that they respect the settings. The current situation feels like it must be a defect, since it works precisely the way that no-one would expect.


Further reading here:


Totally agree!!!! This used to work in 2012 then stopped working in 2014 and is still not working in 2016. Please fix it.




I'm running into the same (?) issue with links in assemblies. I assign a NoPlot layer to <no codes> links in an assembly and the links still plot. I can turn off visibility to override, but that's not what I want to do.

I know this idea is technically about Corridors, but a loosely-related issue to pipe network Null structures set to Standard style (with a no-plot layer assigned in display tab), as they too still plot?


P.S. - thread officially zombified. Haha

Recently updated from 2015 to 2020 to find this issue is still not fixed 5 years later. 😞



Still an issue in C3D 2020.  Autodesk, please fix this if you can!  Seems like having layer settings respected is rock bottom, bread-and-butter CAD.  Adding new features like drafting buffers around section views is great and all, but fixing ongoing issues is way more important, I think.  The frustration and time wasted on this issue was painful painful painful, and I'm just one person.  Multiply that by all the other C3D users who have come up against this issue and ouch!

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