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Corridors state manager

Corridors state manager

The "auto-update" corridor and disable this option one by one for each corridor is REALLY INNEFICIENT.

It shoud be more easy if this was treated like "layer state manager" of AutoCAD.

Imagine that a corridor was a layer and you can enable/disable easily from its Layer state manager dialogbox. (which is also a palette).

Even you could save "corridor update states" in templates. For example, if I am doing some editions in alignments or profiles, I could load a template for disable 3 particular corridors and once I have ended up my editions I would load again another template to update them again.

Even, while you are adding corridors in your template (it could be a similar dialogbox of "Sample more sources" to add it to the right side), then Civil 3D sort them not by name but also for priority of dependencies between them.


this is an absolutely MUST HAVE.

Autodesk staff is asking us for Civil 3D performance but this is also related to user productivity (user performance).



Moreover, if we select a corridor in the drawing, then right click and in the context menu "auto-update= yes" and "auto-update"= No.. It is really stupid that I have to navigate to the ToolSpace to do this..


Totally agree with you

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