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Corridor Transitions

Corridor Transitions

We need a definitive way of doing corridor transitions, rather than doing it via a feature line, vertical profile, or leaving a gap in the corridor and letting the surface fill it in.


We need a proper tool to modelgoing from say crossfall to camber or from 2.5% to 5% etc


The software can do it when it does junctions so it must be possible to do it on a normal corridor


Use superelevation for this... You can create User Defined "curves" for straight portions of roadway if needed.


Superelevation can be used for the purpose, but there are major drawbacks in the functionality. The manual editor tab does not correspond properly to entries and the manual stations can't be labelled well. It seems that Autodesk underestimates the functionality it is there by superelevation which seems to be aimed for automatic SE calculation, but is used widely for manual entries instead. The issues have been there since release one and are not fixed!

Status changed to: Accepted

This idea is under consideration for a future version of Civil 3D. Please visit the Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Product Roadmap for details and to vote for this idea to indicate its importance relative to other items that are under consideration.

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