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Corridor Transition Editor - Choose subassembly from list

Corridor Transition Editor - Choose subassembly from list

I love the corridor transition editor, really could make section editor obsolete for us. It would be extra helpful if you could select baselines or subassemblies from a list rather than requiring they be picked graphically (similar to the way surfaces can be selected from a list).


In this instance I'm working on some driveway reinstatements after installing a multi-use path on an existing road. The default slope in my subassembly doesn't always daylight to the surface, and I would like to use the transition editor to modify the slope to make it work. Unfortunately, since the subassembly doesn't generate in that region, I can't select it in the transition editor. Being able to press Enter and select the subassembly from a list of subassemblies off that baseline would greatly improve the functionality of this tool.



Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. The development team will review the idea while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.

Hello ,

I wonder if your request is to change the slope of one subassembly? If the subassembly is generated in the same corridor then it's possible with our transition tool, no matther if it generates in one region. ( actully, even if it's from different corridor, that would be possible but needs more steps ) , 
I guess , you may have different baselines designed, and the subassesmbly is not generate in the one you were selecting, could you try to use the drop-down list of the baseline to change to the one that you have the subassemly assigned with? Then try to create a new transition and pick that subassemly in the drawing again, by doing this, that subassemly could be picked.
But in this case, you may have two sets of corridor transitions based on different baseline, you need to switch baselines to review the content of them. But you could apply them together.

See the pic below as a reference (Below is from C3D 2024, your UI may be different from mine if you are using 2023.2, but still , you could switch baseline and create a new transition based on that baseline)



Hope this could be helpful, but if I misunderstand your problem, feel free to let me know. 


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