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corridor sections are not showed properly.

corridor sections are not showed properly.

I have noticed in C3D 2017 SP1.1 the following case:


If you have 2 algnments (Alignment A and Alignment B) and 2 corridors (corridor A and corridor B). Corridor A has the BaseLine (alignment A) and Corridor B has the BaseLine (alignment B).


In this case, the corridor section of the left side is the corridor A, and the right side is the corridor B.


If we have a Sample line in the alignment A, you get the following section view.




The corridor section of the right side (from corridor B) doesn´t show the links of the ditch (they are part of my custom subassembly) but if you try to do this from the alignment B (to get a sample line and its section view), you get this:





So, for some reason, links or shapes of a corridor section are not showed when that corridor section is from another BaseLine (not the BaseLine of the Sample Lines).




I think this happens overall with custom subassemblies.

They are showed properly when the sampleLine is using the same BaseLine of the corridor but not when the sampleLine is from another BaseLine.


Its all about the geometry. It does not matter if corridor section is made from another BaseLine.

Try tilting sample line in baseline B (21.jpg) and your links will disappear. Civil 3D works by creating sections and not 3D shapes in consequence Civil dose not know how your custom links will look (in 3D) when making a section that is not perpendicular to BaseLine B.

Civil fails to understand what happens between sections if the no. of points is not the same, for example surface links create the same problem as you links.

What's your idea? What do you suggest?

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