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Corridor section station frequency & sample line group automatic stations

Corridor section station frequency & sample line group automatic stations

All kind of following stationing methods apply for both corridor and sample line group.


1.By regions as if the region Start to End on axis was a polyline and the user could select station positions using a measure or divide command.
2.By elevation targets vertical geometry points. For now it is possible only for offset targets.
3.For both kind of targets, offset and vertical, the user to be able to select which targets to include. Not all of them by default.
4.For the previous option the user to be able to set a distance filter. There are cases at which a third party design provides a curve, either horizontal or vertical to be used as a target, that is a polyline with extremely frequent vertices.
5.By a simple text file. In case of sample line groups the file could also optionally include sample line names and swath widths for left and right using a comma delimiter. There could be a default swath width for the left side and one for the right side at the top of the file and if a swath value exists for a section then this one should be used.


Also manual station selection not only by plan but from profile views. For both corridors and sample line groups.

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