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Corridor numeric Transition Editor

Corridor numeric Transition Editor

There is a severe lack of transition tools and workflows for targeting that do not require first "drafting" target entities and using cumbersome alignment, feature line and profile workflows. This idea is to incorporate the tool Wisconsin DOT developed into the core Civil 3D product. Options could be to  merge it with the Project Explorer technology or remove the profile aspect entirely and make a tabular numeric transition editor that can be used for ALL targeting. length, width, height, slope, condition (on, off, found,notfound) and added to assemblies as a separate subassembly that holds the parameter(s) or as part of the assembly targeting options.

The following is taken from the WisDOT Knowledge base that describes the tool.


What is the Slope / Width Control Editor?
The Slope / Width Control Editor was developed by WisDOT to quickly create profiles without the need for a profile view.

The profile object has traditionally been used to establish elevation values for roadway features such as centerline, curb and gutter, or special ditches. Profile elevations can also be leveraged for other purposes. Think of the profile elevations acting as nothing more than numeric value containers. Those numeric values can represent not only elevation, but other parameters such as length, width, height, or slope.

These profiles can be used as corridor targets to control various parameters of subassemblies. These can be dimensional (length, width, height, etc.) or slope parameters. By using the Civil 3D profile object to control these parameters, designers can create smooth transitions or trigger various subassembly behavior. This tool can also be used to develop PVI-only profiles, such as special ditch elevations. The tool is NOT intended for creating or editing profiles that include vertical curve components.


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Status changed to: Accepted

This idea is under consideration for a future version of Civil 3D. Please visit the Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Product Roadmap for details and to vote for this idea to indicate its importance relative to other items that are under consideration.

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