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Corridor Labels in Plan View

Corridor Labels in Plan View

It would be beneficial if the Points and Links in a corridor could be labeled in plan view.  This would greatly reduce time spent labeling pavement cross slopes and edge of pavement elevations (on a roadway project for example).  There are so many ways that this could be helpful during design as well as plans production.



I think that the solution is in the same "Code Set Style".

Currently, labels for points, links and shapes are just availables for assemblies and corridor sections.


In my opinion,  labels should have the same behaviour than (point, link or shape) styles where you set your colors and visibility of the components for each "View Direction" from the combobox.


Labels should have in its dialog also a combobox "View Direction". So when you set labels in "View Direction" you could see these labels in plan view in your corridor.


Even, I would like another type of labels for corridor. Maybe, this type of labels would be integrated in the "corridor style" not in the code set style.

This type of labels would be:

- Region´s name.

- Assembly Region name.

- BaseLine´s name.


This type of information is BIM (and property set) but you cannot show it in plan view...


For example, label of "Region´s name" would be a text on the centroid of each corridor Region.



Having labels applied from a corridor in plan view would be extremely beneficial.  Many roadway plans include edge of road station-offset-grade labels applied every 25-50 ft station from the baseline.  Currently, there is no easy way to apply automatic spot grade elevations along an adjacent alignment at an interval from the baseline.  A corridor with plan view labels would accomplish this task easily with less than 5 minutes of setup work.

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