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Corridor Automatic Rebuild On Assembly MOVE?

Corridor Automatic Rebuild On Assembly MOVE?


... In a word... Why?



If user MOVEs an Assembly that said Corridor is dependent on, it has inherently NOT changed configuration, or properties. Same goes for changing Assembly LayerId, etc.


Unless the Assembly (or Sub-Assemblies) are deleted, or have their Corridor-related Properties changed (not the Entity Properties that Assembly, etc inherits), there should be NO automatic rebuild.



Please refine all blanket ObjectModified event handling, so that it is precisely targeted to germain Objects, and appropriate dependent Object Properties, in order to make Civil 3D more effective and efficient.




... but properties *have* changed - the coordinate values.  It would need to distinguish between a global coordinate change to all; and a coordinate change to some.  That means a whole mess of detailed event monitoring on different properties which may or may not happen in the right order, rather than a single structured change process.


@dgorsman in that case the properties need to be saved differently. As in: save the relative coordinate values, not absolute values.


We all know that if we just move the assembly there is no need for the corridor to update. So the programmers can think of a way to make it work. That's their job.


In my opinion, I would prefer that the container of the assemblies wasn´t the Model Space....


I would prefer a new palette with a Preview Box, similar than the Template of PowerInroads. 3AM Solutions seems to have done it:


This way, you can choose the assembly of the Region in that palette and you can edit it.




@dgorsman -


I was quite explicit about Corridor-related Properties, and I categorically reject your 'whole mess' statement; let's be intellectually honest here.



The Corridor rebuild is reactionary, and takes place AFTER CommandEnded event, when the ObjectIds stored (to Field?) during ObjectModified were filtered for Assembly, or Sub-Assembly typed Objects.


It's really not that big of a task to conditionally account for 'if the Assembly is modified during a MOVE Command, don't evaluate the dependent Sub-Assemblies when the MOVE Command ends'.


If a Sub-Assembly is moved, without it's parent Assembly, then the Corridor should of course be rebuilt in kind, or marked out of date, etc.





I'm with @joantopo. They don't belong in model space.

(Unless you want to plot them I suppose. Does anyone do that?)




I have seen someone suggest using an assembly as your typical section (plotting it along with annotation as part of your plan set).  But I read that when I first started with C3D and I've never tried it.


Other than that only other reason I can think of for printing an assembly is for documenting the assembly itself (a standardized assembly that will be re-used) or for training purposes).  But I think I'd lean towards using a screen shot for that.

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