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Copy User defined setting from one dwg to another

Copy User defined setting from one dwg to another

Currently you cannot copy user defined setting I from Cogo points from one dwg to another you have to export points and reimport, seems rather long.

Would be great if all User-defined settings for Cogo points moved too.

As Surveyors we are always merging jobs so it would have mountains of time.




I'm finding less limitations and less bugs working within a survey database, but there are still some bugs and learning curves to get it to work correctly.


With regular cogo points that are not being managed in a survey database, you can drag and drop the user defined settings over before you copy your points over, but It might still drop the user defined attribute. I'm don't recall for sure...


I know you can not drag and drop the entire classification, but you can select the classification and then at the bottom of the settings you can drag and drop each individual user defined property into your drawing from another drawing.


Does this little trick apply to your request? This worked for me but I'm not sure it will transfer everything you are looking for however, you might try to use the same method for other settings.


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