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Copy rotation AND translation edits of cogo pnts

Copy rotation AND translation edits of cogo pnts

Sometimes a large topo survey needs to be integrated into an existing conditions plan, possibly at various scales.  If there have been many point label rotations and translations for the survey portion (to avoid overwrites), it's very time consuming having to redo a bunch of them after being copied into another drawing (which retains the label rotation but not the translation).  X-reffing works sometimes, but if mulitple dwgs reference the ex. cond. plan at various scales, it's a nightmare.  So importing or copying the points into the sheet dwgs is usually the best option.  Copying retains the point label rotation edit, but the position resets to default.


I propose for future releases a way to retain the translation ("move" edit) of point labels when copied and pasted from one drawing to another.  There would still need to be some minor adjustments at different scales, but it would save much time, especially on large projects.



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