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Coordinate Geometry Editor

Coordinate Geometry Editor

When inputting point numbers into the editor, it would be nice to auto fill the distance with the same point numbers. Additionally, it would be great when doing traverse adjustments that the z values of points would not damage the integrity of closing a figure.  In order for the editor to show the proper pre-adjustment and post adjustment closure data, the z values of points have to be the same, i.e. 0.


It would also be nice to be able to hit the print button for the report and actually send the report to the printer rather than hunt down an html file in the temp folder.


And on the subject of points, it would be nice, especially in the instance of not using a survey database, when adjusting a traverse and placing the adjusted polyline into the drawing to have the points used in the traverse automatically move to the new adjustment when applying or saving the traverse.


Just throwing that one out there.

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