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Converting Plant 3D parts to Civil 3D parts

Converting Plant 3D parts to Civil 3D parts

I've been slowly converting the massive Plant 3D catalog over to Civil 3D.  And I plan on double posting this in the Infraworks area as well since it belongs on both.


Plant 3D makes straight Wyes, "LATERALS."  Now maybe someone has covered this.  Maybe they haven't, but can't we include a way to convert these to "WYES"?  Right now I would have to hop on Inventor to build a template for a straight WYE and then manually plug in everything that is already done in Plant 3D.  Maybe I'm just being lazy 🙂


Also can we include "Adapter" to the civil 3D system?


Thanks 😉

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I wish this could get better traction.  Why is the part library so basic and crap?  Why cant the part builder be more user friendly?

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