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Convert Feature line to Aligment

Convert Feature line to Aligment

In version 2017, it became possible to create corridors along the Feature Lines. It is often necessary to create a profile along the route. Needed function is to convert a Feature Lines into a Alignment (with the preservation of curve) to create a profile along the surface of the corridor and the existing ground. I think the easiest way to extend the capabilities of the operation "To Create an Alignment From Graphic Entities". I am sure that many will find it useful. 


At the moment, you have to output the functional line to one mark, so that the radii do not go into segments. Explode. And then convert to the track. 




If you would like this capability now, there is this option available:


A good addition. But this is not a decision for me. But, you need a simple free function. One function. The Civil3D can convert the Aligment into Feature line. We need the inverse function. 

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