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Convert a polyline into one long pipe with bends

Convert a polyline into one long pipe with bends

When converting a polyline with vertices to a pipe, older versions of Civil 3D would create one pipe with vertices.  Now using Civil 3D 2014, there is a structure inserted at each vertex.  We have a lot of curved sewers saved in GIS that are drawn as polylines with many straight segments, so this is a very important feature for us.


This has also been posted in the discussion forum here:



I've been using C3D for 10 years and I don't recall ever seeing a single pipe with many vertices


@Jeff_M me either. But it would be nice!

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We need this feature. Due to customers not using Civil3D we sometimes have to export our pipe networks. As the networks contain breakpoint structures (small circles) at vertices, the exploded pipes become isolated in each vertex (as the polylines dont overlap the structure diameter).


The way Civil 3D handles pipe networks is out-dated and based on the time when all pipes were Concrete (non-flexible). Today it's much more common with polymer pipes (PP, PE, etc) which are flexible (no longer straigth lines) and do not have structures in each endpoint/vertex.


just my 2 cent.


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