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Convert a Copied "Live" Alignment or Pipe Network to a Data Reference

Convert a Copied "Live" Alignment or Pipe Network to a Data Reference

Here is the process I'd like to achieve:

  • Create a drawing in which I create a pipe network (lets say it is the Ex. Storm network) and created the data shortcut for it.
  • Make a copy of that drawing, rename it to "Proposed Storm.dwg"
  • Once the new proposed dwg is open, I'd like to be able to "CONVERT" the "live" Ex. Storm pipe network into a Data Referenced version complete with all the labels, styles, profiles, etc maintained as is.
  • Then proceed with creating the live Proposed Storm content knowing that I had all the existing content included, labeled and styled properly.


This same workflow would also be most beneficial to the conversion of “Live” Alignments to Data References. 

The same logic would apply:

  1. In Dwg#1 - create an alignment, profiles, profile views, profile labels, add any pipe networks required to profiles in Dwg#1. 
  2. Shortcut the alignment and profiles from Dwg#1.
  3. Copy Dwg#1 to Dwg#2.
  4. Open Dwg#2, then "Convert" the alignment and its profiles to Data References.


Then the original alignment need not be deleted thereby losing the associated profiles, views, labels and networks that must then be re-created again.

This would save a lot of re-labeling and edits just to get the same styles and labeling as the original dwg.



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This was actually an idea I had discussed with Autodesk personnel back in 2015.  I only just realized they implemented this in C3D2017.


Command: ManageDataShortcuts



AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 Help: To Manage Data Shortcuts


Works like a charm!


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