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Connecting to existing pipe networks.

Connecting to existing pipe networks.

The pipe network tools are nice, efficient tools to use on anything Civil. That said, the lack of ability to connect to say, and existing network is cumbersome. Combining existing and proposed networks is, well, silly. I'd like to be able to connect to an existing storm or sanitary main without a bunch of additional effort. 


As an example, check out response #4 on this thread >>>


AutoDesk, please listen to the users. Rather than release this product annually, make some of the existing tools better. Remove the roadblocks to efficiency and logic. 


Thank you. 

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. The development team will review the idea while customers continue to add feedback and vote on it.

We absolutely take customer feedback into account when planning our work and doing our best to make the existing tools better with each update. For more insight about what we have under consideration (and to have more of a voice in our roadmap), I welcome you to vote on what's on our Public Roadmap and participate in the Autodesk Infrastructure Futures Portal:

Join the Autodesk Infrastructure Futures Program:

View the Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Public Roadmap:

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