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ConditionalHorizontalTarget - Need New Parameters

ConditionalHorizontalTarget - Need New Parameters

Very often we don't want the subassembly to find the Target if it is located inside of this subassembly's location on the Assembly. We need to be able toggle off the inward search direction, so it just searches outside of the subassembly when needed.



  1. Need a new subassembly input parameter called Search Direction to be able to choose Only Outward, Inward  or Both Directions.
  2. Need a new subassembly input parameter called Search Origin to be able to choose Baseline or Attachment Point for the desired origin reference point.
  3. Need a new subassembly input parameter called Min Distance to be able to give minimum distance from Origin point.

This is a great idea, we wrote a custom SA that does this but it is not aware of changes to targets (you have to manually rebuild the corridor to have changes updated).

We have search direction, min search distance,  max search distance, object type, and object layer parameters for finding objects.


I would like the same for the Elevation targets.

If you put a subassembly with a Elevation target, then you could specify if you want the elevation of the profile in that station or an interpolated elevation.

Now I have my own subassembly to calculate the ramp between to profiles (one of them is the Baseline), and using a Horizontal Target(which is the alignment of the second profile) I calculate the "Delta X" and then I get the slope between two profiles.

Finally, I use "output parameter" with the slope variable, to pass this value to the other subassemblies of my assembly.




A custom subassembly is not needed to do what you are doing. 


I refer about this:


I tested with a stock subassembly (LaneSuperelevationAOR) and the result elevation of the edge of the subassembly was the elevation in the station of the profile, it wasn´t interpolated.

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