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Has AutoDesk ever though about selling approved Computers? That way there is a 100% surety that I buy / have all the right components, and reduce the time wasted on the support staff. I see that HP is selling computer specifically for AutoCAD users.


Maybe not selling directly, but at least compiling a list of approved manufacturers and configurations.  We purchased our HP workstations specifically for CAD and have had no problems with them.  I would think you'd still need support staff for networking and some of the other software you'd be running on these workstations.  Maybe not in-house support staff, perhaps an IT contractor?  I'm going to vote for this anyway as it's on the right track.


Oh so many reasons why that's not going to work.  Once it leaves their hands, virtually anything can be done - installing bad drivers, deleting files, diddling with registry keys, installing randomware (no, not ransomware), users complaining that "the right hardware isn't available".  And that doesn't even touch on using appropriate work processes.


Don't necessarily trust HP or other vendors about selling a computer specifically for AutoCAD, either, as there is no such thing.  It doesn't matter if it's a Xeon, or i-series, or AMD equivalents; RAM manufacturer doesn't matter and to a great extent neither does the various technical differences like frequency or latency.  There can be some problems with graphics hardware but that's already covered with testing.  Even then the only test environment that matters to you is your own office.


That would be great, and I would be interested.

However, if Autodesk approved hardware, they would have to take responsibility for its suitability and performance.


To do so, My limited experience (20 years or so) make me think they will not do that. Perhaps some of the folks more familiar with Autodesk might be more optimistic. 


I am also concerned about the user cost of an over-speced, bulletproof, computer with 64 or 128 GB Ram and 16 or 24 GB video card and 1 TB SSD as the minimum that Autodesk would stand behind..



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