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COMPUTE MATERIALS: mixing data (add operations)

COMPUTE MATERIALS: mixing data (add operations)

In the "Volumes And Materials panelCompute Materials", we can compute a material from combining several surfaces or from a shape.


This is right but I would like to be able to do certain operations with them, creating a new material.


For example:


material 1 (from surfaces)

material 2 (from surfaces)

material 3 (shape)

material 4 (shape).






Ability to create a new material:


material 5= material 2 - material 3 + material 4.   ( a rest and then a sum)      


*** In this case, if the material 3 is removed in the drawing by the user, then Civil 3D throws a  report message about this because the material 5 has been modified.




In some softwares, we can create a new material and specify operations with the previous materials.


I hate to have to take the calculator or Excel to do a simply sum or rest.


I think that this purpose is very easy to integrate, perhaps, a new tab in the "Compute materials" form, where we can create this "compound materials" from the existing materials (they are provided either from surfaces or shapes).


The typical example is with the topsoil material. This material is also an extra-fill material.


So, If wanted the total fill, we would have to add the "fill" material  and the "topsoil" material.. so, why not a new material which do this directly?




Buena idea tienes mi voto.

Sería una opción muy útil puesto que solo seria por cálculo hallar el total, no tendrías que crear nada adicional, como otra superficie y más aún por tratarse de una área cerrada.


(It would be a very useful option since it would only be by calculation to find the total, you would not have to create anything additional, as another surface and even more because it is a closed area.)

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