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Combine Working Folder/Project Selection

Combine Working Folder/Project Selection

Instant feedback when selecting the working folder would be nice. Maybe take the Select Data Shortuct Project Folder and put a drop down of recently used working folders, along with a button to Browse To a new working folder location. Right now it sucks selecting what you think is the correct working folder, see that you get the dreaded [] and going in and having to try again. Combining the commands would solve two problems, one provide instant feedback if you have selected the correct working folder, and second having the abilty to find a recently used working folder and choose it. 


The current working folder selection dialog box sucks.


Also there should be an easy way to pin and remove recent working folders from the list.

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As I posted on @davelawrence3d 's idea, I think we should be able to use the regular Open/Save dialog for selecting the working folder. This would save many headaches.

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