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Cogo Points - Reference other C3D Objects

Cogo Points - Reference other C3D Objects

Cogo points need the ability to reference other C3D objects, such as alignments, profiles, surfaces, etc. in a more dynamic way. For Tennessee DOT plans every present layout sheet is required to show a control point table that includes the point identity, northing, easting, elevation, and the station value. Since cogo points can't reference any other object, there's no way to make a dynamic table currently. Profile sheets also need to show control points and their information, which C3D currently cannot do. 


This would also help when making stakeout construction points so that a point description can include the station value of an alignment as well as other user-defined fields or text. 


The cogo point doesn't really need to reference other objects, as long as the label style can do so.  If Reference Text components were available, similar to Note labels then cogo points could be used as a source for tables and exported reports etc.


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Letting the cogo point reference another object would allow some creative things, such as points being able to move along an alignment if the alignment changes, or elevations being dynamic to a surface (they are now static), or a profile, or a corridor for stakeout. 






I like the idea.  A while back, I had a bunch of points and I needed to show a table on my sheet listing the station, offset & elevation of the cogo points.  I ended up having to use the Report tools to EXPORT my list to an Excel file which I then IMPORTED back in as a table.


It seems to me that this reference to another object could be handled similar to the User Defined Property Classifications.  Create a classification that is a DOUBLE and the value is automatically tied to the STATION of this point relative to a specified alignment.  Another classification would return the OFFSET of this point relative to the same alignment.



Status changed to: Future Consideration

This is a great idea, but the timing isn’t quite right for development consideration in the near term. As such, it is being put on the back burner to be re-visited at a later date. Please continue to comment and add your support.




Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.


Hi, I would find this feature really useful. I have tons of discrete objects that I need to model and it's a pain to have to drag the station labels around every time I update.


Project Explorer for Civil 3D resolves the initial idea, which was to create a "control point table that includes the point identity, northing, easting, elevation, and the station value"


Here's a video showing an overview of how to create tables and reports. You can use an object set to create a table that shows alignment and COGO point data together.

Status changed to: Implemented

@TimYarris I wouldn't say my idea has been implemented. Points still can't reference other C3D data. Project Explorer only lets a table show some references of a point. My first example was of a table, but the purpose was for a point, like a label, to have reference data. The Project Explorer doesn't help with the 2nd part of my initial post about having a point description have the station and offset values in it dynamically. 


This is NOT implemented. I too would like to label dynamic cogo points as <Point#, Elevation, Description, Station, Offset> (PEDSO). And require the linking to be dynamic to an alignment.

A table report work-around export/import is not an acceptable solution.


Thank you.


@kevinluebbert1851 As is common with Autodesk the past few years, they don't really understand or pay attention to an Idea before calling it Implemented. My other Idea about AutoCAD TABLE and MTEXT objects being able to read C3D data dynamically was not actually implemented, but they consider Project Explorer as the solution and thus marked the Idea as Implemented. This is similar. I requested a point object to be able to reference other C3D object data and for some reason Autodesk thinks a table from Project Explorer is the solution. Not sure how a table from Project Explorer lets a COGO point object label have a station and offset, but maybe @TimYarris knows something I'm missing. Want the name of a pipe network structure in a COGO point label? Somehow Project Explorer is supposed to be able to that, but I don't know how.

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