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Cogo Points Labels and Tables with Reference Text

Cogo Points Labels and Tables with Reference Text

Autodesk needs to desperately add the ability to add Reference Text to Cogo Point Labels Styles and Table Styles.  The screenshot below shows a table of curb and gutter callouts that is created from setting Null Structures.  It works, but is cumbersome to say the least.  I believe the request mentioned above would undoubtedly get used by many users as most firms include curb and gutter sheets in their civil plan sets.  This ability would also allow us to export the points to a .csv for staking, thus, killing to birds with one stone.







You can make that happen. Use the User-Defined Property Classification, create new

Then, select that Classification like "station" (what you want to be imported or edited after the fact.


Next selection Station and right click and pick new and you will fill it out according to what you want to add.


Then go to Setting Point File Formats and add this:


Then go to Settings/Point Labels and create a lablel style that adds station to point label like this:


Of course you can add as many user definded as you like. Keep in mind that if you export you can control your normal format without that user-defined Property Classification. Sell it to your Survey Manager with your best shot. You can make your table show that as well.




Note: when you do this all points will now have this as a column, but you can control by point label style if you chose to show it. 


I tried this a bit, and I can get a spot to type in a station, but I want it to dynamically pick up the station based on an alignment it references, hence the Reference Text.


The next level of integration you seek is from Jeff Misler who is guardian to Sinpac C3D. He has created a Dynamic Link from alignment to profile that you might get to except in the way in which you want. Think outside the box. Ask Jeff at Quxx Software. I can't think of anyone else that I have ever meet that can advance the Survey workflow than him. Other than that I could possibly see a way to use Hyperlink to a .csv file that uses the points with the descriptions you desire.


@TimYarris have you had other requests for this type of ability on my original post here?  Is it something Autodesk would possibly look into?


@TimYarris This is something that can be used on any road project with state funding. INDOT requires the existing items (shots) be listed on the plan align the alignment with Station and Offset Values. I just assumed you could reference text was available in cogo point label styles. 


Thank you, JL



Status changed to: Under Review

Sorry for the late reply to this one. I understand the value and use case. We'll do a bit of research and see if we might be able to fit it into our backlog.


Thanks, @TimYarris this would be a time saver.


@TimYarris thanks much.

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