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Cogo point editing sub-routine

Cogo point editing sub-routine

An option for these might already be available in Featured Apps or wherever, but after a decade of using C3D, I don't know of one . . .


- Option to align cogo points to a polyline, line or arc;  zero angle would be text reading ALONG the line, 90 degree would be text rotated at right angle to line.  Points need not be ON the line, but defining reference in these cases would be line drawn from point marker at 90 to line (shortest line if curved polyline creates multiple references).


- Option to choose a set of points to be positioned RADIALLY from a chosen point; this would be great for large topo surveys where the orientation of the elevations could indicate direction of flow and/or HP/LP.


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    Estamos precisando da atualização da imagem da localização geográfica, trabalhos com projetos de infraestrutura urbana, isso nos ajudaria muito na execução de renderização dos projetos.

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