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Code Set Style: Overrides property

Code Set Style: Overrides property

Currently, a Point Group has the property: Overrides (Overrides tab), when we can choose a particular style to overrides the style of the points included in this group.




Perhaps, this feature could be implemented in the Code Set Style, for each element : Style point, style link and style shape.


New row in each element to choose a style for <override>:




The <overrides> style even overrides the <default> and <no codes> styles.


In the "information" tab or another new tab, it must contains several checkboxs (property override) if we want to enable or disable one of them.


This is a fast way without using key controls to choose codes and apply specific style for them.



Another possibility, is adding the "overrides" property directly in the corridor object (in the "codes" tab and in the "featureLines" tab).






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