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clean up civil 3d objects referenced through an xref.

clean up civil 3d objects referenced through an xref.

In the attached image there are two places an alignment that is xrefed can be selected. The alignment name shown is not the same. The alignments come from a xref and have no reason to be in the file. I data shortcut alignments I need. Maybe allow to selected multiple alignments to datashortcut.

The image has some notes on it. Thanks.





I agree with you on the consistency issue, but actually find it easier, and less work to label everything through XREF where I can.


It seems to mitigate a lot of the time spent synchronizing (being that the XREFed model drawing was already saved when I edited it), and behaves more like an XREF should (like a Block, only reloaded when something changes, and copied local for faster DWG open times, depending on your settings, etc).




In this case, the ss design file was referenced into a lighting file. The lighting call outs where based on the main alignments. The storm file had a bunch of design alignments for inlet laterals and other design uses. I just wanted to see the structure and pipe locations.


It is a good question on what value the difference between data shortcuts and xref labeling provides. If only you could data shortcut multiple objects... And maybe Autodesk could figure out somethin on the synchronizing issue. It is not fun waiting for 15 things to synchronize when you only changed 1 thing. The synchronize popup should only do updates.


It would be nice to have a 'DREF Sets' option, where we could configure a set of DREFs to include in a folder to be applied all at once to a given sheet drawing, but also allow DREFs to be assigned to multiple 'DREF Sets' (if that makes sense?)... One for Grading, one for Plan & Profiles, one for Lighting, etc.


Not to derail the good topic of this idea, but perhaps to clarify how/why I use XREFs where I can in lieu of DREFs:


Some of the issues that led to my intentional use of XREF over DREF, is with DREF of [Gravity] Pipe Networks with Null structures, where the Structure Styles assigned to Null Structures were not being observed in the sheet drawing, and with Profiles. 


The latter, I found, a lot less work to do all of my Profiles, Profile Views, and Pipe Networks in one model drawing & XREF that into my sheet drawings. To do Pipe Networks (vertically), you need Profile Views. To do Profiles you need Profile Views (no QUICKEDITFEATUREELEVS for Profiles via the Alignment in Plan?!). So, rather than having Profile Views in each sheet drawing & DREF Pipe Networks that cannot be edited, or doing the Pipe Networks in each sheet drawing so they can be edited, or having redundant Profile Views in a Profile model drawing, a Pipe Networks model drawing, and in each-and-every-single sheet drawing thereby bloating each drawing with redundant C3D Objects and Styles... I just use one drawing, already labeled to completion, and XREF that into my sheet drawings. 


With exception of Profile Views via my Profile model drawing XREF, I still label everything in the sheet drawings via XREF C3D Objects. 




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