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Civil3D Functionality

Civil3D Functionality

Firstly, let me start with my initial post on the forum (below).

Please send out an update that allows me to right-click a boundary, listed breakline, etc. and select the actual line without the whole surface lighting up light a christmas tree. Some of my co-workers are horrible about labelling defined breaklines in a clear manner, and when I'm asked to correct or update their work, it takes me that much longer to do it because I can't quickly determine which feature lines where used for a given surface.


Secondly, when you raise a feature line to a surface, you're given the option to select multiple feature lines to follow the initial line (up or down to the surface) in the same command. It'd be nice to have this option when you're raising or lowering multiple feature lines by the same amount. Which is useful when trying to match an existing elevation (in lieu of raising or lowering an entire surface).


On surface profiles within a profile view, it'd be nice to also have a pull down menu or similar on the profile properties tab where you could quickly re-associate the profile with a different surface, without having to create another profile. Also, for volumetric surfaces, it'd be beneficial within the surface properties where the base and comparison surfaces are stated, to have those be pull-down menus where you could quickly reassign base/surface profiles, saving you from having to create another volumetric surface.


Lastly, for quantity takeoffs. A vertical feet calculation for manhole structures (rim to sump) would also be beneficial.

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A more descriptive title will get your Idea more attention and likes.

Iam not sure that I follow all of this, but ideas should be limited to one topic. I think this should be 3 ideas.

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