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Civil BIM - Sidewalks

Civil BIM - Sidewalks

Civil 3D needs to implement Civil BIM. After years of marketing it's time Autodesk actually implements Civil BIM so we can leverage an actual model based design. I want to be ablility to tell my kids that I'm designing sidewalk instead of getting blank stares when I tell them I designing feature lines. 


The sidewalk object should communicate with the curb and gutter object, pavement object, and landscape object. It should be able to attach to a curb and gutter or be able to meander. The meander path should allow for easily adding curves along it's path and keep a min or max slope for walkability and a max or min grade above the curb and gutter or pavement. A minimum or maximum grades should be allowed to be shown to make sure you aren't too steep in the cross slope or longitundally to not exceed ADA requirements. The sidewalk should allow to be shown as concrete, granite, asphalt, etc. The asphalt option should allow for a redwood header along it's edge to prevent the asphalt pavement edge from deteriorate too quickly in it's usable life. It should also have the ability for long paths, like the ones you find on campus facilities. 

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