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Civil 3D to WSPG

Civil 3D to WSPG

Within the southern California area WSPG ( an innovyze supported software) is used as the main hydraulic modeling program. There have been a variety of plug in options over the years to export civil 3d and/or pipe networks information and have that data be directly imported into WSPG. ( station, invert, pipe size ect.) I believe XPWSPG previously did this and there have been tools such as Robert Steltman's Civil essential tools that did this function. it appears in the past few years this support in longer available and it would be great to bring back. 

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WSPG-W software by still does this. But it would be nice if we didn't have to constantly migrate from one software to the next just to maintain functionality.


Autodesk purchase Innovyse who previously purchased XP-solutions who previously upgraded the old WSPG program. But it seems Autodesk has discontinued the WSPG development.

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