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Civil 3D Pipe Networks to support multiple pipes

Civil 3D Pipe Networks to support multiple pipes

Pipe networks need to support the use of multiple pipes. For example twin and triple pipes for drainage networks, 2x4 or 4x4 for duct networks. The examples should not limit the configuration of the pipes into multiple horizontal and vertical stacks, especially for duct banks. Allowance for modelling of any encasement would be beneficial but not essential

To go along with that idea, it would be nice to be able to have pipes connecting to structures not be limited to the center of the structure. In C3D 2019 I was able to move a pipe away from the center and stay connected to it. In C3D 2020 this feature seems to be missing.

This is good inclusion if Autodesk can provide multiple pipes/ducts or even cables. Don't forget that we do not currently have a good tool in Civil 3D to do cable network for Electrical subject. I would love to that 'Dry Network' similar to the API functions open for Pipe Networks. Pressure Network is just too hard and not easy solution for drafting, modeling.


Guten Tag,

genau dieses Thema fehlt in Civil 3D um Leerrohrtrassen bzw. Trassenpakete zu planen. Vorstellbar wäre eine Auswahl des Querschnittes, definiert Überdeckung der oberen Lage Oberkante Rohr oder Höhenbezug bautechnisch vom Schacht. Beschriftungsmöglichkeit z.B. wie in meiner Abbildung.

Anmerkung 2019-07-31 114120.pngAnmerkung 2019-07-31 114155.png


Hi there. My company just released a suite of apps for Civil 3D and one of our apps allows you to create multiple pipes for wet and dry utilities. You can set the depth and offset also. Checkout out suite of apps in the Autodesk App Store. I provided a link to our YouTube channel for all the help videos on how each app works. Let me know if you have any questions. 




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CCLS Tools - YouTube Channel.  

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