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Civil 3d LT

Civil 3d LT

I think it would be very helpful to the surveyors if you make a Civil 3D Lt that is an updated version of Land Development Desktop that Surveyors could use without all the extras included in Civil 3D


I'm guessing they are not thinking in this direction. They had a program called "Civil" a while back that was sort of a stripped down version of Civil 3D and it didn't survive.


Even if they did make a Civil 3D LT, it would not be based on Land Desktop.


I think a Survey or LT product makes  sense. Civil3D  is overkill for most surveyors. and way to expensive. I am a one-man Civil shop   All the small Architects, designers, and  surveyors that I deal with have me save back to 2000 or 2004. There is an untapped market for AutoDesk.


It may make sense for you and a few others, but it obviously doesn't make business sense for Autodesk.

They are heavily invested in cloud technologies and stripping down an existing standalone program to sell a few copies is not in their best interests.


Have you considered Carlson, MicroSurvey or one of the other independents who concentrate on the needs of Surveyors?

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