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Civil 3D Labels with Multileaders

Civil 3D Labels with Multileaders

It would be extremely helpful if Civil 3D Labels could have multileader capabilities. We often have to have a label with multiple arrow locations and providing this feature would be very beneficial.


Additional to multileaders would be the ability to control which leader is the primary reference leader for the label - ie: what point the leader reads for location to output into the Civil 3D label text. This would be important for Point coordinates or Alignment stationing for example.


Additional to choosing the reference leader would be to allow for the Reference Text in a label style to reference a specific leader location and whether or not that leader is displayed for printing.



Here's a good example of an Alignment Label this would be beneficial for:

1. The Label arrow points to one location on the alignment

2. The label references two different locations for alignment stationing. This is not possible to do with ease currently... one would have to generate multiple expressions to make this into 1 label for multiple borings with different lengths, or use 3 different labels and drag them to their positions.







Adding these features would resolve many requests I've seen for Civil 3D labels and provide greater flexibility to Civil 3D labeling.

Isn't this the same idea, as this? If so, please combine. Thanks.

Thanks @rkmcswain - It didn't come up for me when I searched. Definitely same idea, though I extended a bit more for reference text support to different leaders.

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