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Civil 3D Labels Read Sheet Set Manager Values

Civil 3D Labels Read Sheet Set Manager Values

Civil 3D labels need to read sheet set manager values. This way we could leverage SSM along with Civil 3D labels. This seems like an easy once since Autodesk already owns the parser that does it for regular AutoCAD text type objects such as text, mtext, and mleaders.


Would be nice to have.  But from a programming POV, I don't see how they'd do it.


Most (if not all) C3D labels are placed in modelspace.  But SSM fields only work in paperspace.

That is not true. Custom ssm properties are able to be added anywhere in paper space or model space. I usually add custom properties to the ssm and then use them to have the values stored in one location instead of having to go through all of the drawings to change them. 


I would like to add to this and hopefully push it up the list a little. I was going to be posting this same thing myself. The main use that we have for it is to reference the "detail" from the plan sheet. For example, call out the manhole detail from the profile structure label. It would not be referencing the "CurrentSheetXXX" option but more just pulling values from the sheet set, similar to the previous post (


Or... Civil 3D object properties could simply be exposed to the FIELD engine, then we'd have one, single mechanism for labeling everything, using Text, MText, Dimensions, etc:


I've got to agree. I regularly use SSM in Civil 3D and wanted to add sheet set fields to callout labels but found I couldn't.  I don't understand why we can't have this feature. It shouldn't matter if the note is in model or paperspace for Sheet Set to work properly. I've found in Mtext that a sheet set field works the same in Model as it does in Paperspace.  As for the options, I'd like to at least have the ability to call out a Sheet Number that a view was created on. That way I can at least point the reviewer to the correct sheet all the time.  SSM has been around since R14 so why can't we incorporate it into Civil 3D Lables?


Would love to see the ability to add both fields and sheet set manager values to Civil 3d labels.  I.e. matchline needs to read something other than the handful of values provided within the Matchline Label Style for when it needs to reference a more specific previous and next drawing that is not the sheet set name. Great request, another vote here.


I also have a client who was just asking about the same capabilities, so make that two votes!

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