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Civil 3D Intersection Design Tool (Looped Roads)

Civil 3D Intersection Design Tool (Looped Roads)

Currently, the intersection design tool does not recognize self-intersecting alignments for use. This happens often with roadways that form a loop. In these instances, the intersection design tool cannot be used and a manual design is necessary.


Could the Intersection Design Tool be modified in such a way as to recognize self-intersecting alignments and allow the tool to be used?

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Hello, @andrew_mcginleyR4P4V 401k login


As of now, the intersection design tool does not handle self-intersecting alignments, especially in cases where roadways form loops. Unfortunately, the tool's current limitations prevent it from addressing such scenarios. For self-intersecting alignments, manual design remains necessary. If you encounter this situation frequently, consider providing feedback to the development team to enhance the tool's capabilities. 


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