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Civil 3D Entity Visibility Control From Prospector

Civil 3D Entity Visibility Control From Prospector

Rather than creating a no display style, right clicking in prospector, changing style and then changing to no display, then perform the task for every other object I wish to hide.


I would like to select multiple Civil 3d objects (Surfaces, alignments, etc.) from the Prospector and "Hide" them (turn off display) or make them visible again by having the option to toggle a hide in the right click menu.


It would be nice if it would grey out the hidden objects as well so I can jump into a drawing and see what is hidden and what is on.




Continuing the philosophy of Civil 3D, another way would be regarding the settings through a "default style" for SHOW and a "default style" for HIDE.


This way, the user decides which will be the style for show and which will be for hide. And these styles are included in the template.


Similar than the "default style" in the element (object) level.


Then Civil 3D should have  commands called "showObject" and "HideObject", so when we call those commands, the default style is applied.


 Calling these commands is faster than changing the current style to another one manually from the "object" properties dialog box.


If we select the object in the ToolSpace or in the drawing, the context menu should show these commands.



Programming this is relatively easy and feasible.


Very nice. Appreciate the comment 🙂




Ran into something quite similar on the AUGI wishlist as well. Their idea was a check box in the prospector that would turn hide/unhide a Civ3D entity. Very nice.


It would be nice if the check-boxes were tied to styles, so you can edit what you want hidden to be. Say I want just the surface boundary to show up when hidden instead of it disappearing completely, and the unhide state is tied to the surfaces previous style, or to a typical one.



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