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Circle as an alignment Entity. (ideal for roundabouts)

Circle as an alignment Entity. (ideal for roundabouts)

There are a lot of civil softwares which have a particular type of alignment entity called "circle", especially for Roundabouts.


Here, even in the "Create Roundabout" of Vehicle Tracking, it needs 2 arcs to define a circle as the alignment of the roundabout.



Please, add another Alignment Entity called "circle" within the Fixed arc category in the "Geometry Editor Tool".


And use directly this type of entity in the Autodesk Vehicle Tracking.


Moreover, we can´t create an alignment from object (an ACAD Circle object).



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I'd like to see any enhancement for Alignments to also include ANY self-intersecting shapes.


I cannot tell you how many projects I have that include "D" and "P" shaped roadways, parking lots, etc... The only real solution is to break it up into two (or more) Alignments, which is a particular pain point at the Profile View stage of any project.


Not that prior is painless, given the copying of Station Offset Labels, etc. and constantly double checking which Label is assigned to which Alignment, etc.




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