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Check setback width for Parcels

Check setback width for Parcels

It would be great if I could create a bunch of Parcels (from objects) along a road, then have a tool to select the parcels, identify the frontage, give a setback distance, and have the tool check the lot widths at the setback.

This would save a lot of time especially around cul-de-sacs and on curves of the road.

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Don't forget that Parcel Creation Tools measure by Arc/Segment Length - NOT Chord Length - as is required to meet municipal & client product fit requirements. 


One ends up needing to know the Arc/Segment Length that represents the desired lot width (at front/rear setback, whichever is controlling that particular lot) for each-and-every-single centerline radii used to access said lots (just you basic calculation of degree of curvature, Ha!), or simply lay everything out manually using a Circle at the controlling setback on the Convex/Concave side of any lots with curvature... Because that's a great use of Civil 3D's power! Haha




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