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Change View Frame Layout Path

Change View Frame Layout Path

So far as of now in Civil 3D 2016 the Layout Path column in the View Frame Group Properties is a "Read-Only" file. I don't understand why it would be a read only file, but I think they should be able to edit where it is pulling that information. For example I am working on a job where we have a basemap for cutting Profile sheets. When we created the sheets all in one drawing after naming the file as what we wanted it to be (ex: 201702103gp001) it would take that file name and associate it to every sheet. When we went to break up the sheets into different drawings it lost connection to the sheets. There should be a way to edit the path to re-associate these drawings so when we use the matchline labels to read next or previous sheet it actually pulls it from what you have it labeled as in your sheet set manager instead of "####". It is a hassle to get so far into drafting and editing the drawings then lose connection to the sheets and have to recreate them and do it all over again. 

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