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Change Profile Surface Source-Data

Change Profile Surface Source-Data




-We have a current EG surface but we discover that it is wrong, so we have to create a new EG surface. 

Modifying this in the corridor is easy and fast, because I just have to change the Surface target for all the corridor.



I will have to create a new surface profile because I can´t change the source data of the current surface profile. 

I know, we can create a new surface profile, but...:


-we have to select this new profile in the bands.

-we have to create new labels,....


So, it is not a change in 2 seconds.




The only issue is the sufix of the current name of the profile, but there is not a big problem because we can edit it later.

While I agree it would be nice to be able to change the source data (and not just for surfaces), is it not possible to simply edit your EG surface to correct the error? Or just erase that surface and create a new EG with the same name? I've done that.

Yes, I can edit the existing EG surface with new data, but I porpose a particular scnerario where we can also retain the old (wrong) surface.

Nop, if you delete the surface, the dependent surface profile will be also removed.



Yes, I know we can create  a surface profile for the new surface.

Not applicable

I suggest you copy the wrong EG surface using the copy command, rename it and paste it into another drawing fior safe-kjeeping.

NEVER delete or re-create an EG surface.

Just delete the contents of the surface and replace them with the new data.

Then you need do nothing other than rebuild your corridor.

If we had draped feature lines that remain dynamic to the surface, then that would be even better.


Hello, What about this Idea? because it will be very helpful I spend a days several time to update profiles because there is not opportunity to change source from that tab.



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