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Catchment and Pipe Names

Catchment and Pipe Names

I don't believe there is a way to do it yet, but I would love smart naming catchments and pipes. The structures in a network are easy enough to rename using the tool under pipe network. The pipe naming is awful if you want a truly identifiable name. I usually like a pipe to be named based on the structures it connects, not just a number. I figured out how to make the renaming tool name the pipes based on start structure and end structure, but I can't prevent it from wanting to put a ticker with it (example: Structure 2 to Structure 1 1; Structure 3 to Structure 2 2; etc). I would like to name pipes without the number added to the end.


The pipes aren't as frustrating as the catchments though. Unless I just haven't found the way to do it, I would want a way to make the catchment name reference the structure of the catchment. It is nice that if you reference a structure with a catchment, it will update if the structure name changes.... however, the name of the catchment isn't smart and doesn't change with the renaming of the structure being referenced. Huge time killer if you are compulsive about having structures named in order and ever have to go back in and add a structure to a run after catchments have been made. 

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