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C3D LaneSuperelavationAOR Metric subassembly error

C3D LaneSuperelavationAOR Metric subassembly error



It's my first time posting anything so hope I am posting in the right section. I would just like to highlight that there seems to be an error with one of the Standard Metric Subassemblies, particularly the 'LaneSuperelevationAOR' subassembly. The error presents itself when you create a profile from the ETW subassembly code, as this results in a profile that does correctly relate to the subassembly parameters (i.e. If your ETW code is situated at -2% from your baseline then the profile created from this ETW code should correspond, which it does with other subasemmblies but not with the ,LaneSuperelevationAOR' subassembly. 


So I guess my idea submission in this case is to suggest this issue be resolved with an update of sorts.

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