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C3D Labels should allow use of SSM fields

C3D Labels should allow use of SSM fields

For example, when I was working on a plan and profile of my drainage pipe, I wanted to show where the sewer line crossed it.  The sewer has its own plan and profile sheet.  So I wanted to have a label pointing to the crossing sewer pipe.  The label needed to show the pipe size, type and tell the reader to see sht C-xxx (C-xxx is a custom SSM field that is the sheet id for the sewer P&P sheet).  But because the labels won't use SSM fields, I had to choose between using a pipe label in which I just typed the sheet id or using an MLEADER object in which I typed the pipe size & type but used the SSM filed.


Either method results in something not being dynamic.  If I use the latter, and the pipe changes (size/type/location) the mleader object is wrong.  If I use the former and the sheet is renamed (it happend a few times), the label shows the wrong sheet id.

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Not just SSM fields, but all fields should be exposed to Civil 3D labels.

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