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C3D & SAC: Optional Target or Required.

C3D & SAC: Optional Target or Required.

The Help of a stock subassembly says if its targets are Required or optional but I think that this information should appear next to the name of the target in the Target Mapping dialog and we could filter targets according if the targets are Required or just optionals..


In this case, SAC should also have a new column next to the Targets with the checkbox column "Target Required" and the string column "Report Message" to put directly the report message if Target is not Valid.

This way we don´t have to put a Decision every time to check if a target is valid or not.. (red square).



Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea. We will review this idea as other customers comment and vote on it.


Maybe it would be 3 status.



-Undefined (for old custom subassemblies and old releases of Civil 3D)...


So in SAC, instead of a checkbox column "Target Required", would be a combobox to choose one of them. (required, optional or Undefined)


In SAC, if you add a new target, by default would be "Undefined" so the user later changes it to "Required" or "Optional" as he considers it.

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