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Break Feature Lines With Grading Groups Attached

Break Feature Lines With Grading Groups Attached

I want to be able to use the feature line break command on a feature line that has grading groups attached. The grading groups should be split into two separate groups and any grading in the portion that's removed from the original would also be removed resulting in a gap in the grading.


Voted up.


But I support this otherwise good idea under the condition that they give Grading Tools a complete overhaul. I immediately winced and thought of all of the crashes or useless irreparable feature line remains that I could expect when applying even more kinds of edits on feature lines with attached gradings.


Its a shame how completely unstable grading tools still are.


I plan to use the new Civil 3D 2018 features to remove the need for grading groups in the majority fo situations now.



Tom Richardson
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