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Border lines property into the SampleLine Group

Border lines property into the SampleLine Group

First of all, I must say that I already have a similar command in my app, but I would like that it was dynamic.


Sometimes, when we have a corridor with several alignments, in particular a main branch and a secundary branch, we have to pay attention that the sample lines from the first alignment don´t overlap on the sample lines from the second alignment.


In my command, I select a polyline in the drawing and a sample line (to identify the sampleLine Group) and then the fuction modify the left swath width and the right swath width if they are intesecting with the selected polyline:




In this way, when I want to determine the volume by sample lines, I am not duplicating the volume in the overlapped areas.


I think that the best way to solve this, would be a new property and collection for the SampleLine Group:


property: (checkbox): "Apply Border lines"


button: to select on the drawing polylines/lines/feature lines/etc..


In the API, in the SampleLine Group, there will be a new collection called: Border line collection with all selected entities.(lines/polylines/...)


So, If we move a vertex of the polyline, automatically Civil 3D will modify the swath width of the sample lines. (if that polyline is included in the BorderLines of that SampleLine Group).




So, a new tab called "Border lines" in the "SampleLine Group Properties".

In this new tab, a checkbox, if we want enable/disable this function.

A datagrid to list the selected entities,similar than the data table in Horizontal targets in the Corridor Regions.


Another option within the SampleLine Group properties could be this:


A checkbox called "apply correction to the SampleLines which are crossing each other".

If this checkbox is enabled, Civil 3D automatically checks this SampleLineGroup.

This behaviour will be dynamic, so if we edit the geometry of the alignment, Civil 3D automatically does this operation as long as the checkbox is enabled.


In this case, the sampleLines which are crossing each other will change its width until the intersection point: (extrim).

This usually happens in arcs with Radius very small.










seria genial poder resolver estos solapes asi de facil como lo planteas.


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