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Better Water Drop Computations

Better Water Drop Computations

Currently, when using the water drop tool, if the water drop encounters a depression of any size, the water drop stops. When I imported a catchment area from InfraWorks 360 into Civil 3D to do some detailed design, I wanted to get the flow path for the catchment (it doesn't come in from InfraWorks currently) but there were a lot of small depressions along the path so the tool failed. I think a couple of improvements would make this tool extremely useful.

  • Minimum depression depth - This would be similar to the watershed analysis tools in the surface analysis. The surface anlaysis allows us to "Merge depressions into a single drain targets when Minimum Average Depth is less than:"
  • Point to point path - If the preceeding option isn't viable, perhaps a point to point type of flow path. I know where my design point is and I know where the most hydraulicly distant point is (at least I think I do) so, let me pick those two points and have the program draw the flow path between them.

Maybe by adding a "Flow and Depth" option box to the command might be what will work for you in this type of situation.


I know that when I run the command being able to see some feed back other then just a flowline would be very helpful.


I think it should just keep going through any depth of depression until it gets to the edge of the surface or the lowest point on the surface. In other words, it would get to the pond, find the spillover point for the pond, spill over the edge and keep going. Meanwhile, maybe outline the pond at the spillover elevation with a closed polyline.

I would like another parameter: Water drop stops when grade is 0% but I would like that it stopped before 0% in depressions because generally water does not run if grade is -1% for example. So it would be great if we could set a "minimum grade tolerance" as a parameter for this tool.

It is another company but ESRI in their Arc Toolbox for Spatial Analysis has a Fill Sink Tool  There are some good ideas for filling sinks at least on the cited webpage.

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