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Better Styles and Template Management

Better Styles and Template Management

  1. Expanded ability to use "Find References" and "Replace With". Currently this is available in point styles, label styles, marker styles (perhaps others). It would be useful to be able to do this with any style such as Alignments, Alignment Labels, Label Sets, etc. 
  2. Ability to change a group of selected styles at once. A dialog box that allows selecting multiple styles at once and the ability to change the properties of shared component properties all at once. 
  3. Ability to Import and Export groups of Styles or selected styles via XML or similar. 
  4. Have the Purge Styles command list styles in a tree view similar to the toolspace settings tab so entire groups can be checked or unchecked rather than have to click one by one. 
  5. When importing styles and settings have the ability to see the actual differences between the styles and settings rather than just knowing they are different. Have the ability to import selected settings and not just an all or none.
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Yes especially #4. Currently the purge style dialoge is useless.


Also add:

6. It should be possible to use QSELECT to select an object by its Style.  A drop-down of the available styles should be provided. (Currently this works for CAD objects such as selecting TEXT by the TEXT STYLE or a DIM by the DIM STYLE. It should be available for all C3D objects.)

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