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Better Coordinate Transformation

Better Coordinate Transformation

This has been a topic for a looooooong time.  There are several workarounds for going from grid to ground and vice-versa, but there is plenty of room for enhancement on this.  I do more support calls on this than corridors!


We need a better process then the ones out there.  One that is more user-friendly. 


Everything is bigger here in Texas Smiley Wink

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Ditto.  I've always found the way transformations curently in C3D rather confusing.  There should be an alternate method that is a simple, custom process.  See screenshot from CAiCE below:



The transformations should affect the actual points and not copies of the points.


Autodesk needs to get serious about integrating all of the different software tools which transform data from one system to another.  If you import data using Map, Civil3d or whatever the program should scale and translate that data to a site coordinate system by default.  The same rule would apply to Infraworks.


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You got that right Steve!


If you were to consider third party add-ons, this is included in Gizmo3D.  We've had this functionality for a long time but it made sense to consolidate it into a single dialog like the one above.


Dialog example:

Status changed to: Under Review

Great idea, but it is going to need a deeper look by our development team to determine technical scoping, before potentially moving into our short term development backlog.




Peter Funk

Sr. Product Manager

Autodesk, Inc.

Thx @peterfunkautodesk. If they could get the API from Global Mapper, that would be epic!!
Status changed to: Accepted

We're actively researching coordinate system transformation workflows. It's likely we'll reach out to some folks on this thread to validate our progress.

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Cool. Anytime.
Joe Kanera

@TimYarris, adding myself to the list of potential validators.

Status changed to: Implemented

Thanks for all the help and feedback from you guys, we were able to complete the first version of the Coordinates Transformation extension and release it for Civil 3D 2022 last week. Please check it out and provide us with your inputs to make it better as we move forward.

This is the best thing Autodesk has done lately. This is a HUGE improvement and game changer. Thanks for all the help on this @ramesh_sridharan !!

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